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If you think your gas and hydro bills are a little high, consider an energy audit inspection from Live Green Energy Solutions, a Certified Licensed Energy Advisor. Live Green Energy Solutions (LGES) can audit your home or office and insulate areas to stop unnecessary energy use, thus saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

Live Green Energy Solutions (LGES) has already made thousands of Windsor-Essex homes’ systems and structures more efficient. Since 2009, we have completed more than 15,000 successful energy audits and grown to become Ontario’s number one volume auditing company on a per-capita basis.

Our licensed energy auditors use sophisticated infrared thermography technology and blower door air leakage testing to identify exactly where a home, office building, or commercial facility is losing heat and air. Because no two structures are alike, we rely on our extensive hands-on experience to confidently identify inefficiencies. At the end of every audit, LGES produces a detailed, itemized report indicating a number of recommended upgrades and their associated cost savings over time. In most cases, our recommendations will translate to significantly reduced gas and hydro bills.

In particular, the insulation you choose for your home will affect your comfort, safety, and energy costs. At LGES, we use only the highest-grade insulation on the market in order to maximize your savings and keep your home quieter and more comfortable. Our environmentally friendly material is up to 50% more effective than conventional fiberglass insulation and easy to install in virtually any home.

Many property owners are eligible for easy-to-access government grant programs, and utility companies like Union Gas also offer cost-saving incentives for homeowners who wish to install energy-efficient insulation. Depending on a number of factors, a homeowner may be eligible for up to $5,000 in rebates. Worried about advancing thousands of dollars to make your home more energy efficient? Don’t be. Live Green Energy Solutions will wait until you’ve received your rebate cheque to process your money.

The LGES team would like to meet in person to further discuss how we can work together to deliver our services to your front door. CALL NOW and START SAVING! 519-551-9837