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Air Leakage Testing (Blower Door)

The blower door test measures the total air leakage of the entire house by depressurizing the home. Once the home is depressurized, the fan will create a 35-mile-per-hour wind striking every point of your house to determine 1) your total air leakage (all the minor cracks in your home’s structure added up), and 2) the amount of air that naturally flows through your house on an hourly basis.

With the blower door running, our licensed energy auditors will walk you around your home. Your auditor will identify the specific points where air is entering and leaving your home’s structure. You will even be able to feel the airflow with your hand!

By doing this, we can identify building envelope improvements that will reduce energy use and increase comfort.

Our process is to test your home before and after any upgrades are made. By comparing these two measurements, we can accurately determine the overall improvement to your home’s efficiency.